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Our Church Growth Groups

Our church has over 60 growth groups mostly meeting weekly to support one another and learn more about the Bible and how it impacts on their lives.

If you are not currently in a growth group please feel free to join in. We have a number of categories such as Men’s groups, Women’s groups, mixed groups for both adults and young adults as well as school age specific groups.

If you are interested in joining a group just click on the link below and we will contact you.

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GG Michael FairbrotherMonday7:00-9:00pm18+Barden Ridge(Offsite) Barden RidgeNoOpen
GG Andrew Hartman & Anna MasseyMonday7:30-9:30pm18-29Barden Ridge(Offsite) Punchy's HomeNoOpen
GG Ben Willson & Steven ElsonMonday7:30-9:30pm18-29Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Kynan FraserMonday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden RidgeMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Paul Hudson & Britt CicognaniMonday7:30-9:30pm18-29Barden RidgeMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Year 13 Mitch & Kelly Parson, James StevensMonday7:30-9:30pm17-20Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Miles ApperleyTuesday6:00-8:00am21+Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG S Ishak & L HampsonTuesday9:30-11:30am21+Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Lynda ScottTuesday10:30am-12:30pm21+Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG David WestTuesday1:30-3:30pm21+Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Shane RonaldTuesday6:30-8:30pm21+Bangor(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Chris & Allira BeckmanTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Heathcote(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Kevin Jamieson & Chris PuckeridgeTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Nola Betts & Taylor CookTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden RidgeMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Paul & Julie FirmstoneTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Illawong(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Peter & Sally CrowtherTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Sharon TollisTuesday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Bruce & Sharon LitchfieldTuesday7:45-9:45pm21+Illawong(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Greg & Nicole SmithTuesday7:45-9:45pm21+Bangor(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Stefan & Helen BullTuesday7:45-9:45pm21+Bangor(Offsite)NoOpen
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