Greg Smith.  Let’s celebrate his life!

It is with deep love and sadness that I invite you to celebrate Greg Smith’s life on Thursday 26 November from 10 – 11am via livestream. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions we can only have limited numbers at the service. People and community meant the world to Greg so if you have an opportunity to view the stream or the recording that will follow with others who knew or were somehow connected to Greg or our family, he would have loved that. 

View the service recording here.

Here are the ways you can join with us:

  • If you are a current Shire Christian School staff member or student you are welcome to watch the service livestreamed in the school hall. It was Greg’s desire for those in secondary school that Thursday would be a day of rest and recovery after the camps this week, unfortunately we could not avoid this date for his celebration. Students can come dressed casually and only need to stay for the duration of the service. Sadly, parents and others are not permitted on site to view the livestream due to COVID restrictions.
  • Attend at Soul Revival Church, Kirrawee or Narwee Baptist Church, Narwee.  Numbers are limited, please register here
  • Arrange a get together with friends in someone’s home or workplace or other available space, being mindful of COVID regulations. Access the livestream here on Thursday.
  • For those who were unable to view the service live, they can access a recording here

Many of you have asked how you can help us in practical ways. I sometimes find it hard to ask for help but Greg was amazing at it and always encouraged me to be better at this, so here is an attempt at learning:

Stories of Greg

Greg was a man full of stories, I don’t and never will know all of them. One thing that I ask is that you share a short story of an experience you have had with Greg. Stories were important to him and they are important to us. If you don’t have a story; your name, words, a photo, a verse or simply a tiny emoji would be awesome. Our family will miss Greg enormously but this small gesture will mean we can read about him and be reminded of the immense impact he had on this world; the laughter and growth he brought about in others but also the annoying and stupid things he did. This will help us on the tough days. has been set up to receive these words but will only be active until Tuesday 8 December 2020. We will read your stories after that time as we hope to compile them into a book for our family.

Help us create our new normal

Please treat Liam and Ethan and I as you always have while we rebuild our lives. We love Greg immensely but do not want to be defined by this event.  It’s knowing that you are there for us that is important. We would love to keep sharing the simple things like meals with friends, sporting games, bush walks, bike rides, picnics and beach swims. There will be tough days ahead where some extra care from you would be appreciated. However, sometimes we may struggle to receive your generosity. Please be patient, we will be learning how to do this for a while.

Smith Family Adventures

Some people have offered to provide a meal or send us flowers. I sincerely appreciate your intentions but, we have allergies and would ask that you consider instead, if you wish, gifting the money you would have spent on ingredients or flowers to a Smith Family Adventures account in my name which I will also add to over time. If you would like to contribute in a small way, the details are: 

Account Name: Nicole Smith
BSB: 923100
ACC No: 34440294

As you know or will find out on Thursday, life was one grand adventure to Greg. He and I both knew that lots of small things build the fabric of that adventure, this will help the boys and I to continue to have the adventures Greg and our family loved.


For those of you like me who pray, please pray for us. This is practical and important. Not just today, any day, but particularly on the days like birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day and Christmas that will be extra hard for us.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, friendship, and support. I will never understand why this has happened but I do trust and have hope in our saving Lord Jesus as Greg did and that brings me comfort. 

Love Nicole