Chief Cornerstone



The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”
Psalm 118:22

Cornerstone was the name given to the foundation stone which held the rest of the structure together. This Psalm, written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ, envisioned a day when the rejected stone would become the foundational cornerstone.

Days before his crucifixion, Jesus quoted this very verse in reference to himself. He would be rejected by his own people; falsely accused and crucified on a Roman cross. Yet through his death, Jesus would become the Chief Cornerstone. His death for the forgiveness of sins, and his resurrection for the promise of eternal life. This is the foundation upon which Christianity and every single Christian now stands.

Many of us build our lives on the foundation of our academic achievements, our career successes, our material wealth, our physical beauty, our health and lifestyle, our family and friends. We build our lives upon these things because they can provide us with great satisfaction and security. However, all these things can fail us.

This is why Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone. He offers us a foundation that will not crumble and fall. Like those in Jesus’ day, we too reject him in order to build our lives upon things that can’t ultimately give us the satisfaction and security we seek. But those who put their trust in Jesus will find a sure and certain foundation to build their lives upon. They can live today with peace and confidence knowing that their future is secure in him.

What foundation are you building on? Will you build your life upon Jesus – the Chief Cornerstone?