Grow Your Understanding of God’s Word

In Term 2, 2023 we’re running “Pentateuch (Old Testament 1)” – one of the units from Moore College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC). PTC aims to build your understanding and appreciation of the biblical, theological and historical foundations of the Christian faith.

Pentateuch (Old Testament 1): This unit covers the first five books of the Old Testament, examining some of the foundational events in the Bible such as creation, the fall, the promises to Abraham, exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Law. The great themes of sin, covenant, redemption, sacrifice and blessing all emerge from this unit which show how these point forward to the work of Christ.

Start date: Sunday, 30th April 2023

Frequency: Fortnightly on Sunday afternoons (exact time subject to availabilities) for 10 weeks (30-April until 2-July)

Location: Menai Anglican Church

Cost: $70 per person

For more information or to register your interest, contact Bill Walton ( or the church office on 9541 0990.