Recommended Books

What a refreshing read! This book has energized me, particularly during lockdown as we are seemingly unable to reach out to others. Carolyn Lacey takes us on a journey of what true hospitality looks like and eases our anxieties surrounding it.   Writing with compassion in concise chapters, she gently unpacks God’s Word and speaks of His richness. This book has helped me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to look for ways in how I can love my neighbour, and Carolyn Lacey reminded me again of the incredible generosity my Heavenly Father shows us. I recommend this book to read in your quiet times or one afternoon with a cup of tea, as we continue to care for one another during lockdown.
Margaret Icke
Most Christians want to tell their friends about Jesus, but it can be daunting when our culture says that it doesn’t want to hear about Jesus. So how can we talk about Jesus without being ‘that guy’? Enter the Jedi-Master of evangelism Sam Chan. This book is fun and easy to read. It’s jampacked with practical tips and real-life examples that will get you excited about the possibilities, rather than leave you feeling overwhelmed with inadequacy. It’s a must read for anyone wanting to grow in personal evangelism.
Andrew Hartman
7 Myths
If you are single, read this book.  If you are married, read this book. If you are a parent, read this book.  Sam Allberry helped me to reconsider and reevaluate cultural and filial assumptions about singleness. In 163 pages, Sam has begun to help me see God’s view of singleness and his love for His church.  
Belonging to a church community is a blessing.  We have the privilege to serve alongside one another to spread the gospel, and we have the privilege to help one another grow in our understanding of our faith.  How rich it is that each one of us brings something to the table as we relate to one another.  As I continue to encourage my sisters and brothers in Godliness, my own understanding of the world must continue to be challenged and educated. We all are called to grow our understanding of God’s plan for all His people – single or married. This is the book that does just that.
Margaret Icke

Confronting Christianity looks at “12 hard questions for the world’s largest religion.” McLaughlin engages with 12 difficult questions that confront Christianity, questions that seek to put the claims of the bible into disrepute. She explores questions about Morality, science, scripture, to questions about God’s love. One thing I loved about her book was that despite there being 12 separate questions it felt like there was a gospel narrative throughout, ending with a chapter about hell that highlights the beauty of Jesus.

Braydon Lucas
If you are looking for encouragement in your Christian walk, look no further! I found ‘The Chappo Collection’ deeply encouraging as it explores the life of an influential Christian through an array of short stories. The stories a written by hundreds of people who were impacted by Chappo’s ministry and along the way many lessons are taught simply through the way he sought to live a godly life.
Highly recommend.
Braydon Lucas

I’m an audiobook guy; and this is ONE FANTASTIC audiobook. Don Carson takes you into the heart of our Christian life and hope: the cross and resurrection of Jesus. He explores five Bible passages in greater depth that you will probably have ever experienced before: 1. The ironies of the cross (Matthew 27); 2. The Centre of the Whole Bible (Romans 3); 3. The Strange Triumph of the Slaughtered Lamb (Revelation 12); 4. A Miracle Full of Surprises (John 11); 5. Doubting the Resurrection of Jesus (John 20). When you have finished it, let me know what you you learned the most? Audible. Kindle.

Andrew Barry

This is a delightful book about life, love, loss and hope. A book for all ages based on the account of Jesus, Lazarus, Mary and Martha. This wonderful resource will help our children as they grieve with the Lord as their comfort and peace, who will end all goodbyes.

Mary Pickford
What is Christian community? Why isn’t our weekend gathering just read the Bible, pray, sing and go home?  Why can’t it just be me and God?  But I just don’t get along with those people…
Have you ever had these thoughts? I first came across ‘Life Together’ while at College, and it is a book that has informed my thinking and my attitude towards the community of believers ever since. Dietrich Bonhoeffer helped me to see Christian community for the enormous blessing it really is. But at the same time he doesn’t skim over the difficulties and complexities of it either. The principal statement: “Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ”. 
This book is both the bread and butter and the lobster and garlic butter of Christian community. It explores the place of the weekend gathering, of singing, of corporate prayer, personal prayer, time alone with God, work, of our Christian service and so much more in fostering an authentic Christian community that is in and through Christ. This book will help you answer those thoughts about Christian community, and see it for the true blessing and privilege it really is.
Connor Davaram

Have you noticed recently that for many in our culture today Christianity isn’t merely seen as outdated but dangerous? More and more the opinions of Christians are no longer irrelevant but in need of silencing. So how did Christians become the bad guys?

Stephen McAlpine is an Aussie pastor and blogger who has special gift for understanding and engaging with culture.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with the pace of change in our culture today and if you are unsure how to respond as a Christian, then this book is for you.

Stephen offers an extremely clear and easy to understand explanation of what’s happening in our culture today, as well as a host of simple and practical tips on how to be the ‘best bad guy’ you can be to see people won for Christ. Worth a read.

Andrew Hartman

Reading this book is like a warm hug from God. It was so good for my soul. This book will take you deep into the heart of Christ and invite you to simply stop and dwell there – in his love, in his compassion, in his grace. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and can let that inform how we think Christ feels about us. This book will remind you that Christ is no reluctant saviour, but one who delights in showing mercy. If you’re feeling like a failure, if you’re hurting, tired, overwhelmed, or empty, then I highly recommend this book for you.

Andrew Hartman

Free Online Videos

When I first discovered the Torchlighters series, I was looking for something to show my kids. I bought them all and watched episode after episode. We need to hear the stories of Christian leaders, missionaries and pioneers. Torchlighters takes you back to the lives of Martin Luther, Corrie Ten Boom, Augustine, Eric Liddell and many more. Good for adults and kids alike. (I even showed the episode on Corrie Ten Boom to a Bible Study of retired men!) There are some scary themes that little children might find hard, but that are important for older ones to understand. The episode I’ve shared here is about the spread of the gospel into Burma. Some episodes are available on YouTube, but all are available for free on the Christian streaming service which can be viewed through your web browser or downloaded as an app for your smart tv or AppleTv device.

Andrew Barry