At Menai Anglican we are calling on God to bring an end to the COVID19 pandemic. In the meantime, we are seeking to live in obedience to God and our government, loving our neighbours as ourselves, being compassionate with those who are anxious, pointing people to the kingdom of God, and keeping the vulnerable safe. These are hard times that call for wisdom, patience and unity. We seek to do all we can to help those hurting economically, relationally, spiritually, socially, and with mental health issues due to our recent lockdown and isolation. We value the importance of meeting together, safety and health, freedom of conscience, and love for those who are physically and emotionally vulnerable.

Who should not be coming to church? 

You, if you feel sick, have COVID19 symptoms, or have been instructed to isolate yourself by NSW health. Don’t “soldier on”.  Get tested, isolate and follow the guidelines of NSW health and your own doctor. If you feel you can’t come to church, please watch online on our YouTube channel. We livestream our Saturday 6pm and Sunday 10am congregations every week. If you are rostered-on to serve at church, please arrange a swap with someone else as early as possible.

Do you have to wear masks at church at the moment? 

No, but you can if you want. We’re free to wear a mask and we’re free not to wear a mask. We’re just not free to be rude to each other about their decision. Let’s be particularly respectful and loving to each other at this time.

What about ventilation? 

We have made this a priority in our response to COVID19. We have a very large meeting room with an extremely high ceiling and lots of air-flow. While COVID19 numbers are high in our community, regardless of the weather, we are committed to having all four external doors and the very large louver windows open for an hour before, during and after each weekend service or large gathering. We will also, as much as possible, move outside into our covered areas for tea and coffee. The children likewise will have open windows and outside time as much as possible.

What about seating? Do you have options for those who need more space?

We are trying to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. For those who want even more room. We lots of empty room in our mezzanine level for our smaller services (8am and 6pm) and and outside in Courtyard Church (SNC and 10am).

Do you have a mandate on the vaccination? What about for all those in children’s ministry?

No, we do not. But all of our current church staff, as well as adult volunteers in kids ministry, are fully vaccinated. Our church is probably on par with the community vaccination levels which is amongst the highest in the world. We do not turn away people from church who are not vaccinated. Jesus calls us to welcome everyone in his name.

What about cleaning?

We are committed to regular and thorough cleaning. Our church employs a professional company who thoroughly clean at least once a week. If NSW health were to notify us of a COVID19 case, we would make sure that the necessary cleaning measured have occurred before our next large gathering.

What if I need help at this time?

Please contact us. Speak to Margaret Icke, our gathering and community pastor. She can be contacted through the church office on 9541 0990.

What if I have a concern about anything that happens?

Please contact us. Speak to Andrew Barry, the senior minister. He can be contacted through the church office on 9541 0990.

Andrew wrote the answers to these FAQs about COVID19, and together with the wardens and staff, is committed to keeping the church safe, committed to God, joyful and strong, prayerful rather than fearful, and united and compassionate towards one another.