10:00am Sunday mornings in conjuction with the Sunday morning church service. Cost is free.

For children aged 1 year old to Year 8 at School (Please note our KidsSpace now has groups for Yr 6-8!)

Term 4

‘A term at the Museum’ is what we are getting up to. We’ll encounter statues in our museum that come to life each week. For the first 4 weeks they will be characters from 500 years ago who didn’t think the church was keeping to God’s word and how God used these men to reform the church so that everyone could read the bible for themselves and know the truth about Jesus, the church and heaven (just to name a few). The following weeks we will meet statues created in honour of some of the Christmas characters in the true events of the first Christmas.

This term is ‘Choose your own electives’ so come and choose your own fun each week with cooking, water fun, jumping castle fun and nerf gun battles plus too many to mention  here- you will need to come and see Sundays at 10am

Starting back Sunday 15 October.

Head Leader: Yvette Maloney