10:00am Sunday mornings in conjuction with the Sunday morning church service. Cost is free.

For children aged 1 year old to Year 8 at School (Please note our KidsSpace now has groups for Yr 6-8!)

Term 3

Kids Activity Packs for Sunday 10am Service

Our 10am service is one big epic family service! This service is designed to be engaging for people of all ages, young and old.

A few tips for families:

  • Open your Bibles with your children and read along with them as the Bible is read on screen
  • Sing the songs to God together with gusto (and actions if you’re game)
  • You can even explain some of the song lyrics to the kids!
  • A healthy snack and drink might be a good idea for the kids so that you can listen to the sermon with a minimum of distraction.
  • The sermon is still aimed at the adults! But don’t forget that you can use the activity packs below – download and print the pages for your children before the service starts and use during the sermon (this way your children can engage in age appropriate learning during the sermon)

Life Together: Week 1 (July 26)

Life Together: Week 2 (Aug 2)

Life Together: Week 3 (Aug 9)

Life Together: Week 4 (Aug 16)