The Training in Ministry (TriM) Fund is a new initiative of the Parish Council at Menai Anglican Church to raise the funds needed to train and equip men and women for future vocational ministry and/or to test the waters to see if they are fitted for vocational Christian ministry. We aim to raise an additional $52,000 to help provide this training in 2018.

Over the coming years we will be looking to offer scholarships for the following:

  • Full-Time Team Leaders (MTS) – a two year apprenticeship for those looking to lead a ministry team in the future. This apprenticeship is designed for those who intend to follow up with a degree level theological training.
  • Full-Time Team members (MTS) – a two year apprenticeship leading to a Diploma of Theology at a college like Youthworks College. Designed for those who are going to be ministry team members.
  • Part-Time Student Minister – designed for those who have started Part-Time or Full-Time study at Bible College.
  • Part-Time Ministry Interns – designed for those wishing to put their toe in the water for Christian ministry and those willing to work and train part time.
  • Courses and Conferences – (Pastoral Care, PTC, Music Conferences, etc)

In 2018, we are looking for an additional 100 people who will pledge to give $10/week over and above their regular offertory to invest in the training and equipping of future Gospel Minister [100 x 10].

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in this worthwhile endeavour please contact the church office or one of the ministry staff who can assist you in setting up this support method.