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Our Church Growth Groups

Our church has over 60 growth groups mostly meeting weekly to support one another and learn more about the Bible and how it impacts on their lives.

If you are not currently in a growth group please feel free to join in. We have a number of categories such as Men’s groups, Women’s groups, mixed groups for both adults and young adults as well as school age specific groups.

If you are interested in joining a group just click on the link below and we will contact you.

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GG Carrol JarvisWednesday10:00am-12:00pm21+Menai Anglican ChurchMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Kate FraserWednesday10:00am-12:00pm21+Bangor(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Liz McKayWednesday10:00am-12:00pm21+Bangor(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Al & Susan LangridgeWednesday7:30-10:30pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Dave & Ros LynchWednesday7:30-9:30pm18-29Hammondville(Offsite) HammondvilleNoOpen
GG Denise GellettWednesday7:30-9:30pm21+Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG John IshakWednesday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Karen BeckmanWednesday7:30-9:30pm21+Illawong(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Linda ChibaWednesday7:30-10:30pm21+Illawong(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Michael Hulskamp & Steve LambWednesday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden RidgeMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
GG Trevor SolomonWednesday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Mal & Jenny WattsWednesday7:45-9:45pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Matt & Bree KuenzleWednesday8:00-10:00pm21+Miranda(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Brad Warton & Adam BlackhallThursday7:30-9:30pm21+Alfords Point, Bangor, Barden Ridge, Illawong, Menai(Offsite) VariousNoOpen
GG Bruce DingwallThursday7:30-9:00pm18+Barden Ridge(Offsite) Bruce & Judy DingwallNoOpen
GG Tim AndersonThursday7:30-9:30pm21+Barden Ridge(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Karen LambThursday7:45-9:45pm21+Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Bill BlackThursday8:00-10:00pm21+Illawong(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Phil ScottThursday8:00-10:00pm21+Menai(Offsite)NoOpen
GG Yuen (Prayer Group)Thursday8:00-9:00pm21+BangorMenai Anglican Church -NoOpen
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