Month: September 2017

Special Message from Our Senior Minister

Special Message from Our Senior Minister

What a great night we had a Spring Bound!  The energy was tangible. Thanks to Punchy, Taylor Cook and Demi Lucas for all their hard work and to everyone else involved. It took hours to set up on the day with sound and lighting and decoration and furnishing.  Well done to all! I’m told we’ve had over 60 contacts to follow up. The feedback from the stall-holders was very positive.

 The other bit of great news is that 6 people have decided to follow Jesus so far this year, plus all those who came forward at Camp One.

 Thanks, too, to all our generous members who gave to our gift day appeal – we raised over $38,000 – and to those who have increased their regular giving. With reduced expenses, it’s looking like we will be close to breaking even this year. Praise God! One couple shared how they had decided to increase their regular giving even though it would make things pretty tight for them. And within a few days the wife got a new job with more money than she’d been expecting. They are praising God for the display of his faithfulness. 

 We do serve a great Saviour. 

 Bruce Dingwall

Senior Minister