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Who is this Man? Bible Studies in Mark's gospel

This set of Bible studies in Mark's gospel looks at a series of highlights throughout the book focusing on Jesus true identity as King of the universe and Saviour of God's people.

Mark 1-2
Mark 3-4
Mark 5-6
Mark 7-8


These studies are designed to accompany the series of talks on the untouchables in the evening services. They deal with issues such as: homosexuality, racism, abortion, disability and death.


Controversial Doctrines

"An important look at some crucial biblical truths that have come under attack in recent years”
Three studies that look at the certainty of salvation, the authority of the bible, and the work of the Holy Spirit - topics which have been hotly debated over the centuries.



“The dramatic climax to the bible’s epic saga called the exodus”
10 Studies that go through the book of Joshua in the Old Testament. The book of Joshua follows the exodus and the 40 years of wandering in the desert. It details the conquest of the promised land by God's chosen people led under Joshua, son of Nun.

The promise of the land, and indeed the whole exodus saga will become one of the Bible's most familiar parallels to the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross.


Engaging Questions

"Tackling the challenge of evangelistic dialogue: A framework for Christian apologetics in today's world"
An introduction to the field of apologetics. Learn how to answer the questions your non-christian friends can bring up.
This booklet looks at the big ideas of truth, evil and suffering, science, the reliability of the bible and the uniqueness of Jesus.


1 John

A series of 10 studies on the book of 1 John

1 John